Restaurant Mobile Apps

Online Ordering Mobile App

Our designed Customer App is compatible for all devices and mobiles that mean your customer can download your Restaurant App on any type of mobile giving you opportunity to reach hundreds and thousands of customers directly anywhere, anytime.

Our Customer App is designed in such a way which is very interactive, User Friendly and easy to use. So that your customers have no problem in finding their needed food, Price, Menu Options and latest deals and they can approach you on a single click.

Our Customer App advance option for Online Ordering and Reservations allows your customer to save their time for order and booking without going in hassle and wandering around.

Business / Manager Mobile App

Manager App allows you to be in touch with your business and customers 24/7 anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to be in your office for closer look and management as the App will help you to check all the matters on your mobile.

Our Manager App allows you to get instant notifications of your online orders, Table Reservations and Customers saving you precious time and you can manage the orders accordingly more efficiently and effectively.

As you get the instant notifications through the Manager App, you can manage Online Orders, Reservations and Customers. The Time Saving has definitely positive impact of your quick delivery and response on your customers leading to raised profits.

Scheduling Mobile App

Online employee scheduling app designed for shift workers operating in the restaurant industry reducing the time it takes managers to create, communicate, and manage employee work schedules.

Scheduling app allows employees to check their shifts, scheduled availability and shift requests using a mobile app. With this app you can empower your employees and increase efficiency by letting them request shifts on their own, reduce complaints as the availability and job role of all employees will be visible in Your schedule, at your fingertips.

Access to your schedule on the go and sort it by time, roll, employee and department. Add, change and update shifts as needed. Make adjustments to the schedule whenever you like. Edit shifts, add shifts, and delete shifts as needed. This app allows restaurant managers to create the schedule for their employees on the go through their mobile device.

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